Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pond Stationary Dock

This dock already had the posts in the ground so we just had to finish it.  It sounds easy until you encounter water that is 10+ feet deep.  We both strapped 2 life jackets to our legs and went at it.  After a few days, we got it finished and I think it turned out great.  Also, we finished a little platform for a fish feeder that you will see in the last picture.

8x8 Stationary for a fish feeder.

River Dock

This dock is located on the Pacolet River between Lake Bowen and Lake Blalock.  We had a heck of a time getting it in the water and then getting the truck and trailer out of the water, but we did it!!!  

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Awesome Lake Bowen Dock!!!!!!

This is one of the best looking docks we have ever constructed.  It is located on Lake Bowen right past the dam.  We built the deck lower to the water for the first time and it turned out awesome.  The deck is 12x34 with 3 benches and a built in table.  We also added a set of stairs off the side of the stationary as well as a removable walkway.  If you are ever on Lake Bowen you really need to go check this one out.  Or if you are needing a dock we would be more than happy to build the dock of your dreams that might even end up better than this one!!!!

Getting ready to go to work!

The owners wanted a shortcut to the deck so we build a removable walkway!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Whatever it takes!

We will do whatever it takes to get rid of your old dock so you can enjoy your new one even if it means sacrificing a truck!  This was a simple swap out where we replaced just the dock.  Well it was simple until it was time to go home and the truck was stuck in the lake!  Luckily my wife was close by and came quick to rescue us.  She even made sure that she was the one to tow the truck out since she drove over!!

Awesome Composite Dock

We used a new composite wood that we have never used before and it turned out awesome.  The composite wood is actually made out of PVC.  Once everything was finished it looked like oak hardwood floor!!

Custom dock on Lake Bowen

We build docks to fit what you need!  This family has always had a hard time keeping their boat lift from blowing out of the lake during storms.  Because of this they attached it to the bottom of the lake so moving it was not an option.  So instead, we built the dock to fit the boat lift.  Instead of putting the hinge in the middle of the dock we off centered it so the dock would come right up to the side of the lift.   The dock turned out great and still floated perfect!

Just in time for Summer!!!

We have been blessed with alot of work so I haven't been able to update in a while.  This family decided they needed a new dock before summer so they could make the most out of living at the lake.  They were really excited about getting out of the mud and being able to fish, boat, and swim off of their new dock!  Summer is almost here so call us today so we can begin working on your dream dock!!!